About Hereford Prep

Hereford Prep is a stylish and preppy clothing line perfect for every livestock lover! Hereford Prep was created to provide unique opportunities for young people to learn more about operating a business. We think it’s important for youth to know that Agriculture isn’t just about mud puddles and tractors. You can love the Ag industry AND be an engineer, scientist, doctor, a lawyer, or even a fashionista! Our young interns are the main drivers behind our business, which provides them with not only amazing job experience but scholarship opportunities too. Our interns not only design our clothing line, but also model and sell our products across the country! You can find us at many of the major stock shows across the United States. 

Hereford Prep products are designed to not only be comfortable but also long lasting. So, whether you are going to school, hanging out at a stock show, or working cattle, Hereford Prep will help you look your best! From youth to adult sizes, there is a design for everyone in your family. Show off your Hereford Pride in style with Hereford Prep’s trendy t-shirts, dresses, hats, stickers, and tote bags!

Please Email us at herefordprep@gmail.com if you have any questions.