7 Places You’ll Find Me in My Hereford Prep

7 Places You’ll Find Me in My Hereford Prep

By: Lauren Prettyman

National Shows
I think it goes without saying, you'll find me sporting my favorite Hereford Prep gear at any livestock show, but especially the national livestock shows. National Western Stock Show and Forth Worth in January? Yes! NJHE? Duh! You are guaranteed to look cute and show off your Hereford pride with any of the Hereford Prep gear!

Chore Time
What better way to hide your messy hair than to throw on a Hereford Prep hat for morning chores? I know I don't look my best in the mornings, so I grab a hat on the way out the door and hope the cattle don't mind.

Annual Meetings
It's meeting season, y'all. I want everyone at whatever annual meeting I’m attending to know how much I love my Herefords, so I wear my favorite Hereford Prep shirt. And you know I'm going to get plenty of compliments on it!

Football Game
For maximum cute AND comfy, tuck a Hereford Prep shirt into a cute skirt, add boots, and you've got yourself the best outfit at the tailgate! Everyone will want to know where you got your adorable shirt.

The Grocery Store
I love using reusable cloth bags at the grocery store, but I can't ever find one that really fits my personality – until Hereford Prep came along. These tote bags are perfect for carrying groceries home, and there are two different styles, so you only have to make one trip. Also, let’s be real – I carry this tote everywhere!

Country Concert
We all love a good country concert, right? Put on your favorite Hereford Prep shirt and your favorite pair of cowboy boots, pair it with a statement necklace, and sing along!

On the Road
I spend more time than I want in my car driving to cattle shows, so might as well deck out my car with pretty stickers. Be loud and proud about your Hereford love and stick a Hereford Prep sticker on your back window for everyone to see!

There’s a Hereford Prep item for any and every occasion. Besides being super cute, the Hereford Prep clothes and accessories are so comfortable, and I’ll use any excuse to wear them. From hats, totes and stickers, to shirts of all kinds, Hereford Prep is your one-stop shop for the cutest Hereford gear. Show off your Hereford pride in style!

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