What to Pack for a Hereford Show as a Mom: A Brief Guide

What to Pack for a Hereford Show as a Mom: A Brief Guide

When packing up to head to a livestock show, the checklist can be extensive…especially for a momma. Never fear; we’ve compiled a list of necessities for what stock show moms should pack, and we’ve tailored it especially for our Hereford show moms. 


1.     Jeans—we think this one is pretty much a no-brainer, but you might want to double-check to make sure you grabbed the pair that isn’t a total wreck. You might want to grab 2 pairs while you’re at it.

2.     Shirt—Grab your favorite Hereford Prep shirt. Not only is it a great way to show how much you love those red and white cattle, but they are comfy and provide just the right amount of style. You’ll be neither overdressed or underdressed in these shirts!

3.     Shoes—Running around kids and cattle all day calls for comfortability. Don’t compromise.

4.     Hat—Maybe you had full intentions of doing your hair until…. Maybe you’re in the midst of a bad hair day, maybe you just don’t feel like messing with your hair, or maybe you just like wearing hats. Whatever the case, pack one. We suggest one of our Hereford Prep hats to go with that cute shirt you already packed. 

5.     Accessories—let your individuality shine and sparkle! We promise it’ll make you feel a thousand times better and put together.

6.     Loungewear—while we don’t suggest wearing this to the show, we do highly suggest packing it…you know, on the off chance you do get to relax. We know, what does that word even mean?

Now that you’ve gathered everything needed for your wardrobe (don’t forget the small items like socks…without holes), it is time to put it all in a bag.

Pro tip: pack the night before leaving so you are less likely to forget anything.

Other Items:

·       Camera—we always hope the kids will do great at the show, and you have to be ready to capture that special moment. Don’t forget to check the camera battery and SD card.

·       Phone & Charger—pager, GPS, entertainment, camera, mirror all built in one. It is your lifeline.

·       Registration papers—keep these in a folder, and keep all important papers in it. Bring to Every. Single. Show.

·       Pain Reliever—you are going to be standing all day, and headaches… well, nobody has time for that. Pack some pills just in case.

·       Snacks—not just for the kids, make sure you pack something you like too. Carry them easy peasy in our Hereford Prep tote. Keep an eye on it, though, people may try to steal them…the snacks that is.

Of course, there are probably a thousand other things you may want to pack. This is a good start, though. Just remember to pack clothes that make you feel good. Oh, and don’t forget the important stuff like the cattle and kids. 

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