How to Style your Hereford Prep Patches

How to Style your Hereford Prep Patches
One fashion trend that we are currently loving are patches!! Patches allow you to add your own twist to an entire outfit or a single item. Putting our patches on your clothing is guaranteed to make a unique piece in your closet. Our patches will give you an outfit that no one else will have!

Here are some of the ways we suggest styling our patches:
  • Hat
Customize your favorite baseball cap or winter beanie with a patch and show the world just how much you love Herefords.
  • Jacket
Deck out your favorite jacket by putting patches on either the front or back panels. This will give your denim or cargo jacket that wow factor!
  • T-Shirt
Turn your basic white tee into a statement piece by ironing a patch on the chest or pocket of the tee.
  • Jeans
Spruce up an old pair of distressed jeans by placing a few patches on each leg, or by placing a patch or two on the back pockets.
  • Sneakers
Add excitement to a pair of white sneakers with our eye-popping patches. Wear your Hereford Prep styled sneakers to amp up any simple outfit.
  • Backpack
Have a plain backpack for school this year? Customize your backpack to fit your style using our patches.
  • Notebooks
One of our favorite things to decorate with our patches is notebooks! Stay motivated in your school studies when you use our “Follow Your Dreams” patch.

Have a patch, but aren’t sure how to apply?

  1. Our patches are iron-on, which makes them super easy to apply! Here’s some simple directions on how to apply your patch:

    1. Heat iron up to (375oF) and place the patch where you want it.
    2. Place a thin piece of material like a handkerchief on top of the patch.
    3. Press the iron firmly against the patch (straight down, don’t go back and forth).
    4. Allow time to cool.

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