The 5 Best Accessories for your super cute T-Shirt

The 5 Best Accessories for your super cute T-Shirt

You just bought a super cute new tee, but now you`re wondering what you should wear it with. Lucky for all of us, the easy look of a stylish tee is totally in right now. Plus, there are so many ways to wear them! Here are our 5 best accessories that we love to pair with a good graphic tee. 

  • Pearls

You simply can`t go wrong with this classic preppy accessory. Pearls are a great way to dress up any outfit, including a t-shirt. Whether you go for a simple single strand, or a layered look, you`ll always look like you really tried (even if you really didn`t).

  • Your favorite pair of cowboy boots

There`s nothing like a favorite pair of boots to spice up any look! At the show, or just at home in the barn, your boots will keep your feet safe and looking stylish.

  • Nike shorts

Favorite trend of this year: The fact that oversized t-shirts and Nike shorts are no longer just considered lounge wear, they are actually a fashion statement! This outfit is great for so many things; keeping cool on those hot summer days, relaxed days at junior nationals, exercising heifers when it cools off…the possibilities are endless!

  • A cozy cardigan

Who doesn’t love a layered look? Cardigans are a great way to pull together an outfit, plus they keep you warm all day long! Pair your favorite tee with one for a look that you can wear all year long.

  • A great pair of jeans

You can`t have a great stock-show outfit without a pair of good fitting jeans. We love the fact that flares have made a come back in the showring, plus they look pretty great paired with an adorable tee. Dress them up with boots and pearls, or go for a casual look with tennis shoes, you`re sure to get plenty of compliments either way!



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